Agreement On Strategic Partnership And Mutual Support

However, the agreement with Turkey has its limits. The Turkish army is not obliged to intervene automatically in the event of aggression against Azerbaijan; such an intervention would take place after “additional consultations”. Given the long-standing partnership between Turkey and Baku, it is not surprising that Azerbaijani politicians – opposition and pro-government – enthusiastically welcomed the military cooperation pact. According to the terms of the treaty, both Turkey and Azerbaijan will support each other in the event of a military attack or aggression against either country, “take advantage of all possibilities”. [1] President Obama, whose administration played an important role in the discussions that led to the adoption of the global climate agreement in Paris. The agreement, Azerbaijan`s first such pact with another country, indicates that Baku is preparing for the most pessimistic scenario possible — the collapse of peace talks and the resumption of fighting with Armenia over Karabakh, Namazov said. The Strategic Partnership and Mutual Assistance Agreement between Azerbaijan and Turkey for Strategic Partnership and Security Cooperation was signed in Baku by Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Abdullah Gül. With Turkey`s support, Azerbaijan is meeting Armenia and its external benefactors with more confidence. A senior Foreign Ministry official declined to comment on the impact of the agreement with Turkey on Azerbaijan`s foreign policy, saying only that “Baku conducts an independent foreign policy and bases its decisions on its own national interests.” Hikmet Hajiyev`s visit was followed on the 11th by the visit of a parliamentary delegation led by Sahiba Gafarova, spokesman for the Parliament. During a meeting with Turkish Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, Gafarova declared Azerbaijan`s interest in expanding bilateral trade between the two countries. The Turkish minister reiterated that the current trade turnover of $4.4 billion “does not reflect the true potential of the two countries,” adding that Turkey wants to sign a “free trade agreement with Azerbaijan” that would build on the preferential agreement recently signed between the two sides.

While the two sides have taken steps to diversify bilateral relations, the main part of the strategic partnership remains military-technical cooperation. With India, we are building this strategic partnership and with Pak, we are looking for a productive partnership that collaborates. But frankly, the priorities are different. In addition to the development of economic partnership (e.g. B Azerbaijan`s main supplier of natural gas to the Turkish market this year), the two countries have strengthened their partnership in the supply of arms and other military equipment. Azerbaijan said it was interested in acquiring Turkish military drones, which have proven to be very effective in Ankara`s military operations in Libya and Syria. Baku and Ankara have reportedly reached an agreement on the delivery of the $200 million worth of drones. According to local experts, Turkey will likely overtake Russia`s place as Azerbaijan`s second largest arms importer into Israel.