Manufacturer And Dealer Agreement

X. TRADEMARKS/TRADE NAMES The distributor is authorized to use the company`s name and trademarks in the normal course of the sale of the company`s products and the provision of related services under this Agreement. The merchant agrees not to use the name of the company as part of the name of the distributor or in a way that would constitute a false relationship between the merchant and the company. The distributor may present itself as an “authorized distributor” of the company and use, with the prior authorization of the company, the name of the company and brands related to the product on signs or other promotional or advertising materials. The distributor`s license to use the company`s name and trademarks is limited and the distributor complies with any restrictions and restrictions imposed from time to time by the company. At the end of this agreement, the distributor must immediately cease to represent himself as a merchant of the company, stop using all the names and trademarks of the company, and all signs or any other material, regardless of the type that identifies the merchant as the merchant of the company, are removed or erased. *(The company reserves the right to sell in the commercial area served by the merchant to federal, state and local administrations and educational institutions). *(The company may designate other traders of the company in the commercial division served by the trader). *(The company may change the merchant`s business division in writing to the reseller with ____ days in advance). II. CONDITIONS OF SALE After the acceptance of an order for products by the company, the conditions of purchase apply in accordance with the “TERMS AND DISCOUNT SCHEDULE” most frequently published by the company. The company has the right to change the product offer and the conditions and prices at any time and from time to time. *(The prices and conditions of the products are those in force at the time of the F.O.B.

shipment, place of establishment of the company). *. The prices and conditions of the products are valid on the date on which the company accepts the distributor`s order. All broadcasts are F.O.B., company website). III. CREDIT If the balance is granted to the distributor, the distributor agrees that ownership of all products with right of withdrawal remains in the hands of the company until the purchase price is paid in full. Credit is granted to the distributor after the execution and submission of security agreements and related documents satisfactory to the company. At the request of the undertaking, the trader shall make available to the undertaking annual accounts, including a full balance sheet and an income statement, as well as related information that the undertaking may reasonably request. The Company will take appropriate measures to maintain the confidentiality of all such information within the Company. If the merchant does not make this information available immediately or if the business does not otherwise prove to be unsafe, the business may suspend or reduce the merchant`s credit limit or take other necessary steps to protect the interests of the business….