Texas State Roommate Agreement

Yes. You can sue your roommate in court. You must prove the amount owed by the roommate by indicating each tenant`s contribution to the total rent payment. If you do not have a written agreement, you can use emails, bank statements, void checks – all this to prove the expected contribution of the roommate. To be officially, all roommates must sign the agreement. A copy must be printed and administered to each roommate after the signatures have been registered. It is not necessary to give a copy to the lessor, as this does not affect the terms contained in the rental agreement initially signed. You will be redirected to a confirmation page for your bed assignment (and your roommates). On this page, click the Save and Continue button to secure your assignment and continue with the Housing Contract Summary page. Click the Add to Cart button for the rooms you want to choose for you (and your roommate).

Step 6 – Agreement on Other Accommodation Arrangements – Enter details regarding roommate responsibilities: Enter the contact information you want to share with your roommate or roommate. If your roommate is on the lease, the answer is no. Your roommate has as much right to occupy the room as you do. If you want to keep the roommate (or someone else) away by changing the locks, you need to get permission from your landlord and pay the fee. Legally, everyone on the lease is entitled to a new key, including the unpaid roommate. If you know who you want to live with (and they have a housing agreement), click the Find roommate details link. You need to know your roommate`s first and last name or your student card number (A0#). If you don`t have a specific person in mind for your roommate, you can click on the roommate link and see you a list of results from people who match you. This percentage of match is based on the answers you gave on the Roommate Matching Questionnaire page. Once you have selected the Add to Cart button, click Save and continue to the bottom of the page to go to the assign beds page. Here you can assign yourself (and your roommate) a bed. Click on the drop-down menu and select from the available sleeping places.

To create a group for you and your roommate, click the Create Group button. The person who creates the group is automatically the group leader. On the Roommate Search page, enter either your roommate`s name and surname or student IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (A0#), then click the Search button. Answer the questions on this page to meet with a compatible roommate. Then click the Save and Continue button. The contract is a legally binding agreement for a full academic year. On this page, you can use different methods to select your roommate. If you already know who you want to live with or want to choose from the list of proposed roommates, you need to create a group. Contactless beds are free and are busy throughout the room selection process. You can send the message next to your roommate`s name to send them a message inside the portal. The agreement contains fields that can accommodate up to four (4) roommates. If more tenants live in rent, changes can be made to the contract to allow for more roommates.