What Were The Conditions Of The French Surrender Agreement

In an official statement issued in London, it was stated that the Supreme War Council fully agreed on all necessary measures in the situation and that the two governments are “more determined than ever to continue their current struggle in the narrowest concord until the victory is total”. Although the communiqué did not allude to this fact, the situation in Italy was discussed, including relations with Soviet Russia. It was decided to evacuate Narvik. Meanwhile, west of the front, German motorized units moved towards the Seine and reached the outskirts of Rouen. South-west of Beauvais, you will reach Gisors, 56 km from Paris. The French centre is also treated in a crude way. A boost is the Germans on the Aisne on both sides of Soissons. It is estimated that 2,000,000 Germans participate throughout the route in what the French call the “all or nothing” for Paris. In a program at 11:30 p.m., Prime Minister Reynaud announced that he had sent “a new and final call” to President Roosevelt – apparently according to the above procedure. He calls for the “clouds of war planes” to cross the Atlantic “to destroy the evil force that dominates Europe.” He says that every time he asked Mr. Roosevelt to increase the aid authorized by U.S.

law, the president generously complied and accepted the American people. After declaring that wounded France “has the right to turn to other democracies and say, “We have claims about you,” Reynaud asked if the American people would “still hesitate to explain themselves against Nazi Germany.” The Prime Minister says that “despite our setbacks, the power of democracies remains immense.” He explains that “the world must be aware of France`s suffering,” and says the time has come until he can repay his debts. He explains clumsily that “our fight, every day more painful, no longer makes sense if we do not even see the hope of a common victory grow far.” He concludes: “In the great trials of their history, our people have experienced days when they were troubled by defeatist councils. Because they never abdicated, they were great. Whatever happens in the next few days, the French will suffer. May they be worthy of their nation`s past. Let them become brothers. May they unite over their wounded homeland. The Day of Resurrection will come! Article 22 gives the ceasefire committee the power to regulate and monitor the implementation of the ceasefire agreement in accordance with the instructions of the German High Command. The French government will send a delegation to the headquarters of the German ceasefire commission to present French wishes and obtain decisions on the matter. “Article 19: All German prisoners of war and civilians held in France, including detainees and convicts, seized and convicted of empire crimes, are immediately handed over to German troops.

The French government is obliged, upon request, to abandon all Germans appointed by the German government in France, as well as in French possessions, colonies, territories and mandates. . In the late afternoon, an agreement will be reached in Rome between the French and Italian delegations. The Italian-French ceasefire was signed at 7:15 p.m.m, General Huntziger signed for France and Marshal Badoglio for Italy. The following statement will then be broadcast on Rome radio: “The Italian government has informed the French government that the signing of the ceasefire agreement between Italy and France to the German government this afternoon at 19:35.M. Italy`s summer time.